Jollity Farm is thrilled to announce the birth of our first spring kids. Congratulations to Dorothy and Maude, first time moms. It was quite an intriguing phone call home to check in with mom (who was farm sitting for the weekend) when she announced that 4 surprise packages had arrived for us. I was scratching my head and thinking… hmmm, maybe it’s the seed potatoes; when she suggested I stretch my mind a little further outside the postal box. Aha! a surprise of the somewhat premature nature. It seems that two of our goats decided to have their kids in the same evening and about 2-3 weeks early by our predictions. Best laid plans, eh! All kids seem to be strong and healthy now with thanks to Susan our new “Nanny Goat” and neighbours Ellen and Ron for stepping in to help. Seems the boys are already going by the names Stew and Rich but perhaps the highway dept. will be looking for new brush cutters soon and their fate may change!