Beautiful organically grown garlic available for pre-order:
(appearing in the order of most available, largest qty first)

  • Limited Quantity Fresh Garlic available this Saturday & Sunday.
    Only varieties this week are Georgian Fire & Duende.  $12.99/lb  *Cure yourself

    Pre-Order Bulk Cured & Bagged Garlic available for pick-up, Sunday August 6 and Saturday August 19.

  • Less than 2 lbs – $14.50/lb
    Over 2 lbs – $12.50

Georgian Fire (Porcelain) – Standard hardneck with nice flavour and smallish cloves on large heads.

Duende (Porcelain) – This one is from Duende farm in Maple ridge, from a strain they discovered on Vancouver Island, very large bulbs and cloves.

Korean Purple (Rocambole) – perfect for roasting

Leningrad (Porcelain) – Smaller bulbs made up for by flavour and beautiful uniform cloves.

Chesnok Red (Purple Stripe) (LIMITED QTY) – Pretty purple cloves in tight wrappers, very nice shape.

Inchelium Red (Artichoke) (LIMITED QTY) – Softneck with large heads, quite nice and colourful.

Contact Elisabeth at with inquiries or to place an order.