It’s the end of another busy summer season which would explain the long gap since we last posted any news here. If you want to follow the farm harvest week by week we do tend to do quick facebook posts.

It’s our goal this fall to collect all our mulch on island. It’s a closed loop system which makes perfect sense from an ecological and financial perspective. We have put out a challenge to islanders to either bring their maple leaves to us or we’ll come over and help rake up at your place. For every garbage bag full you deliver you are entitled to a Jollity Buck (use for trade in produce or pork) or kids can trade for an actual buck (or a few, depending on how big their load is.

We are thrilled to have received our first deliveries only a couple of days after sending out the post. Thanks to Katia & Matty Bannister, Finn bond, Jake Howard, Virginia and Andy Lamb for your participation.

After all the wind today, mountains of maple leaves are sure to be hitting the ground this week. Please keep them coming and help us to protect precious top soil for next year’s crops.